Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain rain GO AWAY!

We played inside again today. We used play dough to make worms. Some of the worms were making letters and words.  We also drew gardens with rows of vegetables growing. Hoping it will ever stop raining so we can plant a real garden!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We will miss you Miss Sandy!

Today was our last story time with Miss Sandy from the Wilton Public Library.  Sandy Warren has been visiting our program since we opened in 2006, but today was her last visit.  Miss Sandy is getting done at the library and is unsure what adventures life will bring her next.  We are also unsure who will be doing the outreach program next year, if anyone at all.  We are so thankful to have had Miss Sandy as a regular visitor. As a former preschool teacher herself, she really had an amazing ability to hold the kids attention.  We made her a necklace to let her know how much she will be missed.  

The necklace, card, and envelope we worked on this morning
Miss Sandy reading us our last storytime. 
It always amazes me how they all want to be in the same
area at once

Love the matching coats. Nice job with the worms friends!

Alex does a little gardening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lazy rainy day.

It was a quiet day at preschool today. There was a lot of building in the block area and a grand teddy bear picnic in the dress up area!

We read a "froggy book," the kids favorite character lately. Of course it was about a warm sunny day and a bike ride, unlike our weather lately.

We decided it was too cold to play in the wet grass.  A dance party helped warm us up and get some of our wiggles out. 

Thank you to Nathan and his mom Amy for some great donations today. The kids loved the new bug sorters!

Don't forget Thursday is show and tell!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What slimy day!

Today was laid back sort of day at preschool.  We played inside all morning in the dress-up area and doing projects at the "rectangle tangle (table)."

In my search for a real video of earthworms to show the kids I wandered upon an amazing website.   This whole website is dedicated to photos and videos of species from all over the world.  The videos are very short and have no voices, just the sounds of nature.  We checked out all sorts of garden creatures.  Earthworms, hummingbirds, toads, a spider spinning a web and of course a snake by request of my friend Owen.  They were almost as a amazed as I was. :)

Before lunch we decided to venture outside in the rain and see if we could find some worms.  We were searching everywhere when we noticed the kids and teachers from Head Start walking by.  They said they had seen a lot of worms on the road as they were walking.  We jumped in line with them and walked down the road just a little ways.  Sure enough, there were worms EVERYWHERE!  We collected some, said goodbye to our new friends and headed back to school.  Then we got started observing them and creating our worm jar!

Heading out to find worms!

Didn't find many under the stumps.

None in the garden.
Thanks to some friends from Head Start who were walking by
for pointing us in the right direction.
We found them down the road!

"What if they try and get off the plates?"

They won't be able to get out of here!

Our Worm Jar! It contains layers of dirt, paper, some bread, grass
and most importantly WORMS!  When we are not checking on
the worms it has to stay in the dark. Thats the way the worms like it!