Friday, January 13, 2012

The Building Area

My love for open ended materials goes beyond words can express.  I am always in awe of the designs and constructions that the kids create with these loose parts. If you think you might have anything to contribute please let me know. If you have smooth board scraps or pvc/elbows or large boxes lying around we always like those!

Very Puzzling

Puzzles are an important part of preschool development. This group of kids has been puzzle-crazy over the last few weeks. I feel like the last few groups of kids I have had, have not been as interested in puzzles.  The amazing part is seeing the huge range of abilities, which often seem to have no connection to their ages. It often seems that puzzle solving is more natural to some than others, while others need more guidance and practice.  We are lucky to have a wide selection of puzzles with different difficulty levels and styles.  They have mastered all our small puzzles and I think it is time to start moving them towards the harder and more complex floor puzzles.

All Shapes and Sizes

With some puzzles there are many ways to put it together

Hooray! I did it.
This puzzle always seems to be a work in progress. :)