Friday, May 25, 2012


We have been continuing our work with our letters. Besides the activities I have been posting on here, we also do a lot of random things throughout the day. At circle time we sing songs and read books relating to the letter of the day. Each day we have been learning the sign for that letter and then signing the alphabet up to there.  The kids are also very excited to point out the sounds in words as they are playing throughout the day. "HEY that starts with ____."

This week we worked on the infamous Eminenopea. (LMNOP)  Its always really amusing to hear each child's version of this part of the song. Its important to remember that for a long time the alphabet song is just that... a song. When they first learn the song they are not connecting it at all with those letters on the walls or in books.  This explains why so many children have their own ideas of how it goes.  Some children want to know why there are two Zs in the alphabet, you know, Y N Z.

The Letter L: At circle time we focused on songs, stories and signing... not sure what happened after that.

The Letter M: 
We read two monster books (Where the Wild Things Are and Go Away Big Green Monster)


Letter N: Necklaces
Letter O: Octopus

Letter P:  I had great plans of patterns and painting, but as usual the children had their own ideas and  were so involved in that I certainly wasn't going to interrupt.

On our way to the ball

The Noble Steed