Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treasure Dig

It was a beautiful sunny day. 
They found the big shovel.
 I didn't say no. 
Wonderful play took place.

They dug a big hole. 
They buried the treasure.

They filled in the hole and marked it with a magnet letter H. 
They tried to dig it back up.
They dug.
And dug.
Then I dug and dug. 
We ALMOST didn't find the treasure.
They thought maybe the hole was so deep that it had fallen into outer space. :)

They found the treasure. 
Although the hole itself might have been the best treasure.

Sometimes you have to just say Why Not?

Playground shenanigans.

Random photos from our playground in June.

Circles, Spots And Polka Dots

I have been a little behind on the blog! May was such a busy and exciting month of project making.  Here are some of the photos leading up to the Art Show. 

Kandinsky Circles: Tracing, Painting and Cutting

Drawing her arrangements.

Low Temp Glue Guns

Fiddleheads! Yum.

Circle Scavenger hunt at Circle Time.