Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome to October

This month we will be focusing on Fall and Math. Many of the projects and activities we are doing won't really be in photos. Its hard to take pictures of myself doing circle time :) 

Fall Songs:
I'm a little acorn round
Lying on the cold cold ground
Everybody steps on me
And that is why I am cracked you see.
I'm a NUT (knock on head while clicking tongue)
I'm a NUT (knock on head while clicking tongue)

Leaves on the Trees
(Wheels on the Bus)
The leaves on the trees turn 
orange and brown, orange and brown, orange and brown
The leaves on the trees turn orange and brown
All around the town.

Fall Activities from this week:

Jewels and Fall Playdough

Our new "walking rope" 


Playground Pumpkin


Color by Number

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reduce and Reuse :)

I renewed our membership this year to a local Recycle/Resource Center. This is a non-profit organization for schools and educators to benefit from the stuff business would normally be throwing away.  After paying a yearly membership fee, teachers/schools are able to go collect hands-on items, paper, office supplies, etc, for "free."  It is a bit of drive so I am only able to go about once a month, but there is no limit on your visits. Some items have limits of how many you can take per visit.  Sometimes I grab things knowing exactly what I am going to do with them. Other times they just look interesting and I will let the kids figure it out. Of course there are a few staple items that I make sure to restock each time I go.  Yesterdays "purchases" were quite a hit this morning.

This morning I just laid everything out on the table to sort through and see the kids reactions.

Not sure how to use these cards, but they looks like they could be used for MANY things.

The three colored stress balls are an example of a limited item.
We now have a total of six from my two visits this school year.

These pegs were a tighter fit in our Chinese checkerboard than I had hoped.

Free Labels + Weird Little Black Things = Name Plates

I didn't even realize how much transparent stuff I had collected this visit. Naturally we had to take out the light table.