Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Down in the cool of the pool.....Dragonland?

Almost all the snow is gone. 
It is time to start splashing in puddles right? 
Who cares if it is freezing cold and windy? They didn't seem to.

This is the first spring we have had access to our "work in progress" playground.  There is one section that seems to be VERY wet. Perfect for our current Water Theme. 

When we arrived in our little patch of woods today, we found the large puddle with a very thin layer of ice over it. I showed them with a stick how thin it was and instructed them to stay off it. The words had no sooner escaped my mouth when I was already second guessing myself.
 After looking around at their feet and seeing they were all wearing puddle boots, I amended my request to using caution to not fall in. (Can't wait for those waterproof rainsuits to arrive!)

After they had a chance to break all the ice and I realized how deep the puddle was in some places (just over the TOPS of their puddle boots), we decided to make a "fence" around it. 

Did I mention that it was FREEZING cold? 

I also talked to them briefly about Vernal or Spring Pools. I told them we should keep it safe in case some frogs wanted to lay their eggs there. Without the excitement of being able to step in the water they mostly scattered. 

The two that remained became very involved in fishing for ice  (for windows), which required a lot of teamwork and determination.

The collection.

They were calling the big pieces of ice "windows." Most of the pieces had leaves and twigs frozen into the thin ice.

Meanwhile on the Dragonmobile.

We have been adding to our wall of logs all winter long. Now it is finally exposed and fully accessible.  Today I watched as it became the Dragonmobile, a fantastic form of transportation that can transform into anything you need, to be able to get the Dragonland. The trouble was it kept breaking down, so I'm not sure they ever made it to Dragonland, which is like an aquarium full of different kinds of dragons, way down deep under the sand at the bottom of the ocean.

You just need to pull this lever right here.

Lots of teamwork and imagination.