Thursday, February 2, 2012

Digestion and Teeth

 This  month has started out with a lot of discussion and looking at books, diagrams and a couple short youtube videos. The kids have a lot of great questions are very curious about the digestive system.  Unfortunately discussions don't make for very exciting photos for you.

On Monday we discussed the purpose of teeth and how to take care of them. One of the children happened to be wearing slippers with teeth. After pretending it was a puppet talking to the children, we decided to expand that activity into making paper bag puppets with teeth (of course).

Spur of the moment activities seems to be the most interesting around here. I can plan an activity that "fits" the theme and put it on the calendar, but it never goes as smooth as activities we think up in the moment.  I left the calendar more vague this month for that reason.

Working on our Scholastic Let's Find Out!

Monday, January 30, 2012


(oops just found this post in my draft box)

A new easier way to have the kids cut snowflakes. I folded and drew the designs and they cut!

Our many types of scissors. Great for different abilities.

February 2012

This month we will be learning about Digestion and Healthy Bodies. The topic came up at lunch one day and the kids seemed really curious and full of questions.  The conversations continued and so became our next calendar.   The graphic shown above is the new design for the what used to be the food pyramid. We will be using this guide in our discussions. 

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Special Events For February

February 3rd: Happy Birthday Hadley! (celebrating on the 2nd)

February 7th: Happy Birthday Jessica!

February 14th: Happy Valentines Day - We will spend the day making valentines, please do not bring in store bought valentines If you wish to contribute to our party, you may donate something to our supplies for making the valentines!  The more supplies we have the more messy and fun the day is! 

Saturday, February 18th: Annual Children's Festival I grew up attending this event. I have been fortunate enough to provide an activity there for the past five years. This year I have a prior commitment, but I am excited to be attending with my kids for the first hour or so. Amazing free event and the kids always have so much fun!

Monday, February 20th: Closed for Presidents Day

(*I edited this and reposted... I realized that I gave a little too much information for this to be public :) I'm learning.)