Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gearing up for Winter : Practice through Play

This morning I went into the basement to gather the extra winter clothes to sort through. I decided that during free play I would dump them out in the dress up area while I sorted and see if it caught any interest. 

This is one of my favorite early winter activities. Usually it is more of a planned activity, but I think they were more interested today because I didn't present it as one of the choices. 

I just plopped myself down and tried to look busy. Kids are always interested when grown ups look busy. 

Children were instantly asking... Can we try these on? 

There were lots of colors, types and sizes to choose from. 
It was interesting to see some of the bigger kids trying to squeeze into smaller snow pants, just because they liked the color. 

 Very few of them asked for help, because after all this was dress up. 

Those that did ask for help quickly realized that I wasn't going to help them.

Only one child got confused and actually thought we were getting ready to go outside.  They weren't too disappointed when I explained that we were just pretending for now.  A couple children decided they were getting ready for a winter party and asked to wear their gear into the block area for more space. 

This is such an easy way to get kids to practice gearing up for the winter weather. 

I also realized that I might have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to winter gear donations. :)