Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Sensory Tables

I was very fascinated over the last couple months how our sensory table kept transforming. It started with beans, lentils and dried corn. There were a couple squirrels hanging around too.  The different types of play that took place at the table included dramatic play, scooping, transferring, and amazing conversations between friends.

The original set up.

For the first time ever I made our sensory table available as part of the dramatic play area. I was very nervous about this option, but it seemed appropriate as part of our Farmer's Market.

Before long there was also a tree available on the cabinet next to the sensory table, in case the squirrels needed some time to themselves. This opened up a lot of creative play.

Eventually the Farmer's Market started to spill over into the table, too. Which was better than the table spilling over into the market.

At the end of September, our Farmer's Market was packed up and put away, but our collections from outside found their way into the table next. (Some of the leaves are artificial) There were also clothespins and dried penne pasta mixed in. The clothespins were used to hook all sorts of items together. One boy even made a scarecrow.

Then we used the collections from the table with our homemade play dough.

And finally!!! Today the table transformed completely into a spooky and
 slimy table full of Halloween!