Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dramatic Play: "Secret Laboratory"

Yesterday I was speaking with a colleague about how the preschoolers have seemed less than interested in the dress up area lately. Most of them have been with me for a couple years and needed something new. I needed something we had never done before that would appeal to all the mixed ages and the boys and girls. 
The suggestion was a "science lab." 

Best. Idea. Ever.

They instantly renamed it 
"The Secret Laboratory."

There was so much imaginative play and dialogue and all it took was adding...

Loose Parts and Different Size Containers

Arm Cuffs and Gloves
"If you put these on your arms than you won't get burned by the poison."

Magnifying Glasses


Sniffing Potions

"Don't eat it if it's poisonous."

"If you spit it out, than you're a witch."