Saturday, September 21, 2013

International Fairy Tea Party: September 20, 2013

I feel so blessed to be connected with so many educators and play advocates worldwide. I have nothing but Facebook to thank for it. Recently two inspiring forces came together to create a new play holiday around the world. As a lover of all things wild and magical I knew I could not pass this up.

Here is their story:

A quote from the International Fairy Tea Party Facebook Page

Once upon a time...Interaction Imagination and Fafu had an Idea. After seeing an old shoe beautifully made into a fairy house they started thinking. And you all can guess what their idea was can't you...let's make our own Fairy houses!!! But they then decided that wasn't enough, so International Fairy Tea Party was born. 
Their idea was to get as many children from all around the world to have their own parties, with houses for Fairies, decide what they would eat(the fairies) and so many other things...a day of all things Fairy. They had to then decide on a day...20th September(not long now) the Equinox. We have got so many countries, and so many children involved already....but we want more!!! You still have time to join this fun filled day, let us know what country you're from and we will put in on the map which will be posted here on the 13th(this coming friday) Please get the children involved and make the International Fairy Tea Party the biggest Fairy day....EVER......J & S

Here is our story: 

We didn't do much planning or prepping for the event. On Friday morning I told the children all about the special day and how many children all over the world would be celebrating. I asked them if we should prepare a tea party FOR the fairies or if we should pretend we were fairies and have our own tea party. I got a VERY enthusiastic "BOTH!"

We gathered up our newly arrived sunflowers and headed to the woods!

A couple children went to work building this fairy house and gathering food for the fairies' tea party. When they checked back later they were pretty sure that they had seen some real fairies flutter out, that were gathering nectar from the sunflower. 

If You See A Faery Ring
~ William Shakespeare

If you see a faery ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tip-toe as you pass,
Last night faeries frolicked there
And they're sleeping somewhere near.

If you see a tiny faery,

Lying fast asleep

Shut your eyes
And run away,
Do not stay to peek!
Do not tell
Or you'll break a faery spell.

Then we went to work creating our jumbo-sized fairy house.

The fairies went off to play.

A little child, a limber elf,
Singing, dancing to itself,
A fairy thing with red round cheeeks,
That always finds and never seeks...
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Little People
Dilys Evans

Just because
You can't see me--
Doesn't mean that I'm not there!

Actually I'm right beside you. 
Faery folk
Are everywhere...

This photo above may be one of my favorites. I used my zoom so I have no idea what was going on, but the look of amazement on their faces is priceless. Maybe they saw a fairy.

Fairy Picnic Lunch:
Peanut/Almond Butter and Jam Sandwiches
Carrots, Tomatoes, Green Peppers
Fig Newtons