Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super guys and girls

Today we learned about Mr. S Super Stripes.  I made up a story for the kids all about Mr. S and why he is such a super guy.  He never ever hurts and he always uses his words. Every time he does something nice he gets more stripes on his super suit.  All eyes and ears were alert so I took advantage of the time to really encourage my point.  We spent small group time doing super things of our own.

There has been a small hitting/pushing epidemic at preschool in the last couple weeks. I am sure this is mostly attributed to a lot of new and young friends. Everyone is still trying to figure out the rules and how to use words with each other.  Dana and I are reminding, reminding reminding and showing showing showing.  If it seems to be a repeat problem throughout the day than we may ask that child to move away from the group for awhile.  We of course are always encouraging and rewarding friendly behavior with positive attention!  If you are hearing much from your child about any incidents at school, please let us know.  If we are concerned about particular incidents occurring at school we will definitely let both parents know.

Coloring Super Stripes Mr. S

Building a Super Hero City, complete with Super Hero Station
Not really sure what is happening here... another city?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Working in pairs (monday)

This week we have been practicing working in pairs and small groups.

What's new?!

I have not been as consistent with the blog over the last few weeks.  It is very busy here at Inch By Inch right now. We have a lot of friends who are still adjusting to the routine and new friends.  I find that I don't have my camera on hand quite as often as I used to. There are many times during the day that I see different things happening when I wish I was getting photos.

We have been working on our letters of the week. The kids seem to enjoy the different activities we do at circle time that incorporate the letters.  We "sharpen our pencils" (pointer finger) and practice writing the letters in the air. I am sure they would love to give you a demonstration of how this works. :)  It involves a lot of fun sound effects and of course blowing the dust off the tip of our "pencils."  We often sing songs that are related to the letter and point it out on the calendar and in books we are reading. Of course I am sure many of you are noticing the printed out Letter People in their mailboxes.

We really enjoyed reading and reflecting on the Goal Sheets.  This was the first time we have used them at preschool and I found it really helpful to know what parents are thinking and expecting.  I hope they were useful to you in some way as well.  Please feel free to approach Dana or myself at anytime with questions, concerns or feedback. The more connected we all are, the more the children will benefit.