Friday, February 21, 2014


Four years ago, I had a boy in my preschool who LOVED snakes. I would have considered him an expert back then. He would spend hours studying any book he could find with snakes in it. 

He has been asking for several months to come in and teach us all about the slithery reptiles. 

Today he finally shared his knowledge with the preschoolers, during a very well prepared presentation. This inquisitive eight year old boy may have found his calling early in life. 

The preschoolers did not take their eyes or ears off of him, well except his sister, who has heard it all a million times. :)

This might be part of a new "returning graduate" series. 
Any takers?

We may not have had snakes on the playground back in 2010, but here is one picture that I've always kept close at hand of today's visitor. :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The kids made their own pizzas today with our practicum student. It was a success. I was worried if they would actually eat their creations. There were a couple kids who were unsure, but gobbled them up anyway.