Thursday, January 23, 2014

Drama Day: The Kingdom

Monday's Special of the Day was Drama, with a new twist. At circle time, I asked the kids to think of what kind of place or story they could pretend. I gave them a few examples and they decided on a Magic Kingdom. We talked about what kind of characters they might pretend to be or see there. Some of their ideas were: Knight, Princess, Horse, Dragon, Wizard, Witch, King, Queen, Chef etc... Oh and lizard. 

Me: A lizard?
Child: Well, a magical lizard, that can talk.

The conversation continued to moats, drawbridges and "why did they have knights if they had drawbridges and moats to protect them?"

We also talked about what kind of things and people you probably would NOT see: astronauts, dinosaurs, motorcycles, bicycles and teachers. 

Me: I don't know. Do you think that there would be teachers in a castle?
Most of them: Noooo!....
Me: Are you sure?
Child: Yes, to teach the princesses and knights!

So after we finished our conversation they set off to their kingdom. I reminded them that Drama Day was a day to work together and talk with their friends to make a plan. 

While most played in one large group together, there was a couple that were paired up on the other side of the room (in the stable). Both groups did intermingle after a few minutes of play.

The kids' favorite part of Drama Day is that they are allowed to use to whole classroom for dramatic play and not just the dress up area.  

The majority of the group stayed with the game for over 45 minutes. At that point a few chose to join me at the art table, while the rest continued playing for at least another 30 minutes. They stayed within the same story line the entire time. I did not get involved in the play, but stood back, snapped photos and recorded some of their dialogue that I was able to hear. 

What struck me the most when looking at the photos was how few props, costumes and toys they were using in their play. 

The baby queen receiving medical attention.

"Quick! We have to protect the castle."

"We have to put leaves and branches over the moat. 
They will step on it and fall in the water."

"There is 58 dragons and 58 bad guys!"
"There is 100 dragons and 100 bad guys!"
"There is a million dragons and a million bad guys!"

A Princess.

"Close the gate!"

The Stable: Home of the horse and talking lizard.

The potions the dragon drinks to change its fire.

A Red Dragon.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Project 365: Outdoor Play (Week 3)

Day 14: Sledding in the rain.

Day 15: "Nature is so powerful, so strong. It takes you to a place within yourself." -Annie Leibovitz

Day 16: Tragedy strikes.

Day 17: Winter Walk

Day 18: Moving water. 

Day 19: Sneaking

Day 20: "Maybe it was a cougar..."