Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our new Risky Rope

We recently received a wonderful gift of a large piece of rope that was washed up on shore, probably an "anchor rope from a pirate ship."  We still need to make a more permanent plan for the rope, but today we simply tied it around a branch and climbed. 

Risky? The kids think so.

“Children can only learn to take responsibility when given a 

chance to assess and mitigate risk for themselves.”  

"It’s important to let parents and young people know that kids need some degree of risk

 experience in order to avoid more dangerous risks later."  

"Life itself is dangerous. Life is full of risks, and we should hope it remains so. Without 

taking risks, no child would ever learn to walk or ride a bike. No adult would ever take up a

 new sport. No company would ever create new products. Risks are an integral part of 

progress. Thus, the goal shouldn’t be to eliminate all risks from our children’s lives, but to

 manage them and keep them in perspective."  (Read more here.)

And because I have more time for pictures and less time for words, 
here are a few great blog posts on Risky Play:


  1. Love the photos, Jessica! What a great gift to get, I managed to get a little rope ladder this summer & am looking forward to using it, but your rope is the best! Thanks again for supporting the linky.

  2. Love this! Now I have to try to find some pirate ship rope...... :)