Monday, May 25, 2015

Every year it happens...

Every year around January, I start to panic about the children who will 
leave us for Kindergarten in the Fall. 

Where did the time go? Did I do enough?

Are they ready? Am I ready?

Do they know enough letters? Can they write their name?
Do they express their feelings? Are they too shy?

Am I just being overprotective?

Will they adjust to a larger group?

How will the group change without them?

Every April and May they grow up!
 Suddenly, like somebody has flipped a switch. 
They are too big for preschool.
Are they bored?  Are they anxious about Kindergarten?

They are wild. They are independent.
They are READY!

Their last week comes...
They are ready. We are ready. It's time.

Their last day comes....
They are ready.
I am not ready.

The last hug comes...

The door closes...

Tears come...

I am thankful that they don't all leave me at once, like many preschool programs. 

I am so thankful to live in a small community where it is nearly impossible to 
lose touch with these children. 

I am thankful for Facebook that helps me see their First Day of School photos year after year. 

I am thankful for families that want to bring them by to visit. 

I am thankful for being part of their lives.

Most of all I am thankful that they are part of mine.