Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Friendship Story

At circle time I showed the children two little figurines and named them Freddy and Fiona. I started the story and they each had a turn to add to it. When we were all finished writing the story, we started brainstorming what we would need to recreate the story. We needed things the same size as Freddy and Fiona. 

Here is our story.

Freddy and Fiona.

Freddy and Fiona are friends.
They went into a dark cave.
They walked down the path and there they saw a bear.
And a dragon. They were hiding behind the rock and the dragon was blowing fire.
They saw a froggy. The froggy hopped into the water.
They saw a horse. They hugged the horse.
A rock came and rolled down the hill
They got out of the cave because they were scared. They ran (for their lives) out of the cave. They went home.
When they got home they saw that the bear was in their house too. They opened the door.
The bear came to their house because he wanted to be their friend.
He said, "Can I play with you?"
Fiona said, "yes."
Freddy said, "yes"
The bear and the people ran around the house. They were scared of the big monster (one-eyed with a drilling nose).
They ran away to hid beneath the chair.
The bear saved Freddy and Fiona from the monster.
They were safe.
The end.

The cave full of characters and the hill.

Freddy and Fiona behind the rock, hugging the horse.

The froggy in the water.

Fire blowing dragon.

The rock rolling.

Meanwhile back at Freddy and Fiona's house...

After we were all done arranging the parts of the story, they were able to do whatever they wanted. The characters remained the same, but the story took a lot of different turns. :)