Monday, August 15, 2011

Improv Performance

The kids were introduced to some theater vocab today.  We talked about performance, theater, improv, characters, lines, stage, audience..etc.  Then they each went to the dress up area and chose a costume and announced who their character was.

Toady with Red Spots
The Bear (notice the super sharp claws)
The  Pirate (Arghhh!)
The  Policeman (STOP!)
The Motorcycle Man
Princess Peach
So once all the characters were ready we lined up in an audience of chairs.  And the narrator (thats me) began the story.  The kids had to act out as I narrated and repeat what ever lines I was giving them.   There were usually one or two kids on the "stage" at a time. They had a lot of fun and followed directions very well!  By the second act they were more secure with their characters, they were really starting to improvise some of their own lines.  Hoping to see some of the same ideas carry over into the dress up area.