Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All About Me: BIG and SMALL

This week our intern Lacey planned a week of "All About Me," for her class. For today's activity each child had a turn to get traced and then paint themselves. It was a lot of fun and fascinating to see all their individual artistic styles through the way they decorated themselves. 

Once the children were given the paint, we did not interfere with how they wanted to decorate their people. 

To some of them it was simply a giant piece of paper and they were not going to let that person outline get in the way of their painting.

 For others it was a template for making a face and hair and a colorful outfit.  

Some started with a face and hair, but enjoyed using the paint so much they painted right over the face when they ran out of blank space elsewhere. 

Some chose to stay in the lines and others used the WHOLE paper. Some of them traced the outline with paint, while others made a few very intentional blobs of color and stated, "I'm done."

No matter their styles, they all really enjoyed having a turn being traced and seeing their "big" selves on the paper. They also loved having a large piece of space to create all on their own.

We also have mini-me versions of everyone that they like to carry around and play with. This week we taped them upright on to blocks to encourage even more play with the photos.

I'm realizing right now that these are all girls in this picture. I just went to check and one (or more) of the children seemed to have created a boy shelf and a girl shelf. Not sure if it was intentional or not. Very interesting!

This is such a fun way to get a group photo when everybody has such different schedules.