Monday, January 28, 2013

Teddy Bear Olympics (January 25th)

The Teddy Bear Olympics was another last minute idea that I had, when I found the medals at the store the night before. I felt it was a nice extension of both Bears and our new exercise area. 

EVENT 1: Teddy Bear Bounce
Hold onto those bears and bounce to the finish line!

The Audience

Duh Da Da Dahhhh!

EVENT 2: Teddy Bear Jump (Throw)
Put your bears feet on the floor and then help it "jump."

Event 3: Teddy Bear Dance Marathon
Whatever you do, don't stop dancing until the song is over! I was too busy dancing to get many photos.

Awards Ceremony
In the background you will see the flags that they each designed to represent their bear and its home country.

These kids were beaming as we called their names and presented them with their medals. What a great way to end a great week!

Bear: Daddy
Country: Industry

Country: The House in the Forest

Bear: Bear
Country: Rainbow

Bear: Baby

Country: Country

Bear: Big Furry Bear
Country: Sanyika

Bear: Pinky Pumpkin
Country: Pinky Pumpkin Village

Lovey Dog

The Awards Ceremony audience.

*While searching for ideas for events for our Teddy Bear Olympics I came across a blog post of a similar activity. I thought I would give a shout out to Sun Hats and Wellie Boots. Their Olympics were more based on a geography study.