Thursday, September 13, 2012

521 continued... Our NEW Hopper Balls

These pictures show how important it can be to have multiples of materials/toys. This is not only fun exercise, it also became a very social game. 
 Needless to say these children took very good naps today!

5210: Community Transformation Grant

We were very fortunate to receive an invite to participate in a Community Transformation Grant that promotes health and wellness in child care. The above image from the 5210 program is recommendations for a child's day. In my personal opinion, screen time for preschoolers should be much less, which is why we do not offer screen time here at preschool.

After completing  a self-assessment and setting some goals that would increase physical activity and help prevent obesity in children, we received a stipend for participating. This stipend was used to purchase materials that will help us meet our goals. The two goals that we decided to work on were serving family style meals and providing more variety of materials that would increase physical activity both indoors and outside.

Our first package arrived yesterday! It included dancing scarves, hopping spots and hopper balls.
Our second delivery should arrive next week which includes child-size Montessori style materials that will allow the children to serve themselves family style meals. (ie. tongs, pitchers, trays, glasses).

Let's GO!


Marching Marching.






More Twirling.

Rocking our babies to the slow songs.
And a rest.

More playscape photos

Fort of sticks that we built around a square of dirt.
Our new stumps
Fairy Doors
Rock is open for play!

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