Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cooperation Island Game

This was a game that I found on Cooperative Games for Preschoolers. Until I had read this article, it had never occurred to me that games like musical chairs could easily be about sharing versus competing. In the past I have played musical chairs with enough chairs for everyone, but it always seemed a bit boring. 

We started with three "islands" and 8 preschoolers. They were able to dance around to the music, but when it stopped they all had to get onto the islands. 

I reminded them that because we are working as a team it is was important to make room and encourage their friends to climb in with them. They also needed to help their friends stay in the ring, because it was going to be crowded. 

I was so amazed and impressed with their ability to hold on to and take care of each other. It really was heart-warming to watch their smiles and hear their communication.

I noticed that they hurried to get into the rings with the children that they trusted the most and had the closest relationships with, but were not excluding others.

The bigger kids had no problem encouraging the littler friends who were more unsteady and needed a hand to climb in.  

Eventually after a few rounds of dancing and island crowding, I increased the challenge to two islands and 8 preschoolers. 
They simply amazed me how well they were able to work together and help each other. 

Plus, who doesn't love a group hug! 


  1. Amazing! Jessica is building a community minded children:) Love it.

    1. Thank you! We played this again recently! So much fun to watch.

  2. This is so awesome! So glad that my kid gets to spend his day in your school!