Friday, February 7, 2014

Project 365: Catching up.

It has been very busy at preschool with the arrival of our new practicum and intern students from the local university. I have kept up with taking daily pictures of our outdoor play, but got behind on sharing them on the blog. There were several days throughout these photos that we were unable to make it outside due to very low temperatures and wind chills. I always keep a few extra pictures set aside to use on those days and for the weekends.  Enjoy!

Day 21: Collecting Fairy Wands.

Day 22: Sledding Backwards.

Day 23: Tire Jumping

Day 24: Stuck inside again. Clear the room and Dance!

Day 25: This sound.

Day 26: Sun and shadows.

Day 27: I is for Ice


Day 28: Running for five and back inside. Colder than it looked!

Day 29: Investigating.

Day 30: There is something wrong with the engine.

Day 31: Ice Jail.