Monday, January 27, 2014

Learning the Alphabet Backwards.

For the last couple weeks, we have been focusing on the alphabet. We started on the first day with Z, Y, X. I have found that kids find it more interesting and are paying better attention to the letters out of the expected order. 

Before we even started talking about the letters, I explained that letters are made out of curves and lines (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal). They have really enjoyed practicing and using the big vocabulary. The first five letters we learned were made up of only lines, which makes them easy to practice writing.  We do a lot of letter practice during circle time. We practice drawing the letters in the air with our fingers. We use the dry erase board. We check to see who has the daily letters in their name.  We are also working on their own alphabet books to take home when we reach the beginning of the alphabet. There are lots of other letters laying around the classroom. They are pointing out letters everywhere and of course diagonal lines!

Pages from one alphabet book. The choose what they want to draw that represents each letter. 

Thanks to our librarian, we have a wide range of alphabet books to look through right now. 

The box in the next two pictures was inspired by Happy Hooligan's post about their Cardboard Drop-Box . I have been wanting to make one for quite some time. I was excited when I had the thought to do an alphabet themed box. They love playing with it.


We usually use natural clay or homemade play dough in the classroom. For Christmas I received a few boxes of "Modeling Clay" or "Plasticine." This is a new medium for us and has been very popular. One of the first days it was out they were very interested in making letters. I helped them look closely and see what letters they should make if they wanted to create the whole alphabet.  Some of them also practiced creating their names.

Other fun around the classroom.

Upwords has proved to be a fun toy  for the preschoolers. We have two sets of the game and they use it on a regular basis.