Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Nature Study Kind of Day...

Our new tree blocks have been quite a hit since last week. We have used them in a couple different areas so far. This week they are at the circle table.

Our homemade tree blocks. 

Our new counters from Scholastic Book Order

Who Whooo...

We decided to spend some time on the "big" playground today. We spent the majority of the time investigating in the "woods".We discovered grapevines, mushrooms and seeds. (There may have been a caterpillar squishing incident, too)

I draped the grapevines up over this tree branch. In the Spring I would like
to create a more permanent
space for the vines to climb. In the meantime it makes a fun hideout.

"What's this?"

"Here's another one"

Mushroom of some sort.

Wild Grapes

Back on the little playground... they continued to investigate nature. 
They apparently wanted to find something they could actually eat. 
This was the first time in a couple weeks that they paid any attention to the garden.