Thursday, February 9, 2012


We took advantage of the beautiful weather today to do a little exploring! Someday this space will be part of our new playground.  I look forward to having a more natural space for the kids to spend their outside time in. Trees, shade, rocks, pine needles, bugs, sticks, leaves, and all sorts of nature.

Here are some ideas I have been gathering:

I would love to hear any ideas you have!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor skills are something that we are ALWAYS working on at preschool.  We have to exercise these muscles so our hands can get strong enough and coordinated enough to hold our pencils properly! Of course we could just practice coloring or writing all the time, but there are so many other fun ways to gain muscle control.

PomPoms and Squeeze Tongs

Below are pictures of the boys linking together some chains. I found these at the Dollar Tree and they are originally intended for making necklaces and such.  However with the different colors and shapes they are perfect for sorting, matching and patterns.  Today we were just trying to figure out how they work. Linking them together was fairly easy, but pulling them back apart, took a lot more coordination and patience. The open slots of both links had to be lined up before you pulled them apart or the links would just snap! 

Linking Chains
Comparing Chains

Dollar Tree Chain Links

These travel size spray bottles with watered down paint
 are perfect for using those 
arm and hand muscles

This is NOT easy!

                                                 Picky Eating (Toothpicks that is...)

After all that exploring and experimenting, we sure worked up an appetite.  Pineapple and Cheez-its are a lot more fun with toothpicks. Little did the children know that they were once again practicing the "pincer grip" which they will need to become skilled writers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Pinterest for Preschool?

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a website that allows you to "pin" ideas/photos of things that intrigue you to themed virtual "bulletin boards." Its a great place to share/steal ideas with others.  I can see where in general it could be considered an extreme waste of time spent daydreaming, however as a teacher I could not find it more helpful!

Top Five Reasons I love Pinterest:

1.) Inspiration: 
This is the daydreaming piece. I love to look at classroom and playground designs and dream of all the amazing materials, supplies and environments that I am constantly working towards.

2.) Curriculum Planning: 
Daydreaming: Our Future Playground~!
There are so many great ideas for planning preschool activities. Its easy to find entire "boards" that are dedicated to a certain area in the classroom or even a specific theme that we are working on.

3.) Resources: 
Connecting with other educators big and small from all over the world!

4.) Recipes: 
I cook lunch everyday for the preschoolers. Menu planning has become rather boring after five years. There are lots of delicious things to find on Pinterest including meals and snacks.

5.) Okay, Okay, its also entertaining!  
There is a lot of funny stuff on Pinterest and sometimes when you work fifty hours a week alone with kids, you need a little pointless humor. :)

My Pinterest Board about Classroom Environments

My Pinterest Boards!

Good luck and Happy Daydreaming. I hope that you can find something inspiring on Pinterest for yourself.