Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sneaky Pete the Wandering Gnome

In case you haven't heard we had some exciting news last week! 
One of our gnomes snuck out of the school and into "Aunt Steph's" luggage. 
He has been sending us emails of his vacation. The kids were very excited each day to receive a photo of another adventure. :)  Lots of imaginative play started up in the gnome area. They started building houses for the gnomes in hopes that the rest of them wouldn't leave too!

At first they were in disbelief. How could our gnome possibly escape, "he doesn't even have legs!"

Next they thought maybe a leprechaun had hid the gnome in
 the luggage and was taking pictures of him along the way!

Far more believable!

Finally they accepted that it MUST BE MAGIC!
 I honestly don't think there was a single child that was "playing along."
True Believers.
Sneaky Pete was trying to camouflage himself to get a closer look at the lizards.


Chillaxin' in the pool.

The preschoolers were very concerned about what types of tracks were on the beach.

See you Soon!

March: Week 2

Sweeping the rock.

Googles and tubing....so many possibilities.


Our Tent.

Our new quiet area.


Girls can't what???

Boots and Hats.