Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you get all those kids to go to sleep?

People are always amazed and asking the question, "How do you get all those kids to go to sleep?"
It takes a lot of routine, a lot of practice and a lot of training. And no matter what you do children are either nappers or not!  And we just hold our breath if they all fall asleep for fear of waking them!

 After lunch all the kids take turns using the bathroom as they clear.  Their next job is to collect a book and go to their mat.  After their blankets are all arranged on their mat, they are supposed to sit and read books until the lights go out!

Some of them are too tired to finish their books!

After the lights go out we listen to "story tapes" before rest.
 It has never occured to me until right now
 that it is odd that we still call them story "tapes."

Many of our friends fall asleep while concentrating on the story cd (it just doesn't have the same ring).  Next comes the naptime music, selection is based mainly on the teachers moods, but also the children's energy levels. Sometimes we get a request for particular songs by the non-sleepers who have most of the cds memorized (if your child is singing James Taylor's "Gone to Carolina" at home, we are probably responsible).

Everyone has their own sleeping arrangements. Some have their own blankets and animals. Some like to be tucked right in and others want no blankets at all.