Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conquering the Snow Mountain

Last week we FINALLY had enough plowable snow to have playtime on our snow mountain. This is one of the few reasons i love preschool in the winter. There is just something so exciting for preschoolers to be up high and above the rest of the world.  Thrilling and dangerous.

Our neighborhood teenagers have been enjoying our snow mountain too. In this picture
this kids are playing on the snowboarding jump that was carefully created at the bottom of our mountain
Who needs sleds!
Just like the penguins do it!
Making Tracks
Snow angels while the snow is still fresh
Quite a hike
Again and Again!

This Week: Our snow is melting. After all the rain and a lot of use, the grass is starting to show through. I'm certainly not going to complain about 50 degree weather in January.

I highly recommend these little sled for smooth hills!

Some of us just prefer to watch.

Since the snow mountain was starting to look a little to grungy, we decided to move on to the untouched playground.

Top three reasons that I love snowperson building on the playground.
1.) Great exercise pushing those snowballs through the deep fresh snow. (Great exercise = Great naptime)
2.) It leaves the playground nice and smooth, easier for the little legs to tromp around ( = less crying)
3.) Its FUN! And they get so excited and amazed staring after they are complete.

Toot Toot

You can do it!

A baby snowperson is born
"Its a worker man baby"