Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mud Day (part one)


We have been having Mud Day several times a year for many years at Inch By Inch Preschool.  When I saw that there was a specific INTERNATIONAL movement for this cause, I knew we had to be involved.    We started out the day brainstorming "mud words" and then read a book called "MUD."  We got changed and headed outside.  We gathered up lots of supplies and ingredients.  Some of the ingredients we used were dirt, water, grass, pebbles and sticks. We also had four special ingredients of flour, salt, corn starch and shaving cream.  

When the kids first started mixing they were very hesitant to do whatever they wanted. "Can I bring this over here?" and "Can I mix this with this?"  Once they got a few yeses, they were ready to go.    The six of them spent an hour and half non-stop in the Mud Kitchen.  There was very little talking and the talking they did do was very cooperative.   Days like this I remember exactly why I am a preschool teacher.  Please check out the video at the bottom of this post, I believe it is for laundry detergent, but what a great message! 

Here comes the water!

Please take a picture!


Special Ingredients



Making Water Trails

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