Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today was the perfect summer day. Hot in the sun and breezy in the shade.  What says summer more than a picnic lunch in the shady woods and a slip and slide on the front lawn?  The month of July at Inch By Inch is usually filled with all the wonderful things of summer.  Some events to follow will be making lemondade, tie dyeing shirts, another trip to Dutch Treat, Teddy Bear Picnic, and more.  

The focus for the rest of this month will be VIP, Very Important Preschoolers.  In our continuous effort to create a sense of community and family, we will devote a day to each of our VIPs.  On their special day we will eat a snack they bring, read a book from their home, and do some activities of their choice throughout the day.  They will also have a chance to tell us a little about themselves. :)  You will receive a paper with the date of your child's VIP day.

Walking along the trail looking for a shady spot for a picnic


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  1. It certainly was a Perfect Day, glad Xander got to come and visit! He misses you guys tons :)