Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day is a tricky holiday for many people. Some people truly embrace it as a time to show everyone around them just how much they love them. Others (myself generally included) feel that it is a overly marketed holiday. I do however LOVE making homemade cards with the kids to make for their families (and my own too). This was our fourth year celebrating Valentines Day in this fashion. We have built up quite a collection of unique materials and precut hearts, which makes it even more fun! A big THANK YOU for all of the parents who donated supplies!
The kids were so involved with the stickers this year that we never even had time to break out the glitter. I do love the way the glitter looks on the cards, but they are never dry enough for the kids to take home that day.  I did miss it a little, but what I did not miss is cleaning up glitter off everything for the next week. :)

First choose a card and paper hearts to glue on.
Next... Stickers!!!

Decorated bags for delivering
Peeling those stickers really works those finger muscles!

Some of the finished products.

Baby food jars for glue with paintbrushes.
One of my favorite preschool days of the year!

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