Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rainbows and Socks

I love it when I do a project and it completely exceeds my expectations! I didn't realize how much this project was going to focus on spatial relations until I was in the middle of it. It was interesting to see how the different age groups had a different idea of where they were supposed paint. Some painted in between the lines filling all the space or just a single line and some thought they were supposed to paint directly on the lines. As I was explaining to them what they were "supposed" to do, I found myself using a lot of directional words.
  Either way, every single one of them were BEAUTIFUL!

R is for Rainbow

We started off Thursdays activity by reading "A Pair of Socks" by Stuart J. Murphy, which is about a lonely sock who can't find its match. The children were quite surprised when I dumped an entire laundry bag full of real socks that needed to find their matches.  Matching is a very important concept in beginning math and this was a fun way to put it into real life learning.   Several of the younger kids were confused about the meaning of "Match" and "Pair." 
 Lots of great conversation during this activity.

S is for Socks

But they all match! Right?!?!

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