Thursday, June 14, 2012

IQ Building Activity

As a preschool teacher I have been lucky to attend many conferences and training events. I have learned so many activities that are an absolute must in any preschool classroom.  There is a lot of push these days to have the brightest and the best children. We are living in a time where standardized testing and academics continue to be forced down on younger and younger children.  

Today we completed an activity that will prepare your children for the future! 

This activity is so great that at times it can cover almost all of the learning standards. 

The best part of this activity is that children LOVE it! It can be done in many different ways to suit the needs and curiosity of the children involved. 

Here are some of the Maine Early Learning Standards that I saw being met today, as I observed the children, who by the way were quite actively engaged.

Approaches to Learning

 Initiative and Curiosity
  • Finds more than one solution to a question, task, or problem
  • Recognizes and solves problems through active exploration, including trial and error, and interactions and discussions with peers and adults
  • Approaches tasks and activities with increasing flexibility, imagination, and inventiveness

 Persistence and Reflection

  • Considers and implements different approaches to carrying out a task
  • Alters approach to task when initial approach does not work
  • Recognizes and solves problems independently through trial and error and by interacting with peers and adults.

Health and Physical Education

Fine Motor Skills
  • Eye-hand coordination

Scientific Process
  • Makes generalizations or conclusions based on experiences

Personal and Social Development

Self Control
  • Uses materials and equipment purposefully, safely, and respectfully.
Self Concept
  • Expresses pride in accomplishments
Social Competence
  • Interacts with one or more children

What is this magical activity you might ask? 


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