Friday, January 4, 2013

Intro to Bears

It has been a great week. We have read LOTS of bear books and we have been working on bear projects. The dress up area has been taken over by a large group of Teddy Bears.  Here are some of the activities we have been playing at this week:

Our Teddy Bear puzzle helps us practice buttons, zippers, snaps, and lacing. 

Building Forests for the Bear Counters.

Acting out "The Bear Feels Scared" in the dress up area.

The Search Party.

The TV hasn't been brought back to the basement from PJ day. They are enjoying pretending its a computer.

It's a picnic.

Creating our own Teddy Bears.

The Three Bears: Fact and Fiction

Baby Bear, Papa Bear, and Mama Bear

Cutting our Mini-Books that show the difference between fact and fiction with bears.

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