Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain Rain Come and Play!

We've been waiting and waiting to wear our rain suits again! We certainly would not have gone out without them today. It was a very steady rain and I was very happy to have an umbrella. I don't ever think a rainy day at preschool has ever been this satisfying. 

Everything all lined up. Ready! Set! Go!

So many adventures to be had in the rain. 
Puddles and water are pretty magical things.

Water Slide

Work to be done.

Beep Beep

Rain Suits were soaked, but we were cozy and dry! Amazing!!


  1. Fab post Jessica & it's so lovely to see how engaged everyone is in all their wet play. Now you need to get yourself a good set & you'll be able to have fun too. (Will you consider adding this to the new Outdoor Play party when it opens on Friday?) Cheers Kierna

  2. Thanks Kierna. They were very engaged! I will definitely link up. Thanks again.

  3. I so wish I could be a child again an live my childhood in your kingdom, So awesome

  4. I love the pictures I am so glad and jelous my son gets to go to your school.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up Jessica :)

  6. Fantastic pics. Wow, that worm was a whopper! I wish all pre-schools had a set of wet weather gear for every child like that.

  7. Great Pictures. My 2 year old loves to play in the rain, must capture some of her antics soon.

  8. I absolutely love seeing the dinosaurs playing in the mud! So fabulous! Thanks so much for linking to the Outdoor Play Party.