Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fiesta de colores

Friday was our last day focusing on Mexico, so naturally we had a FIESTA. Check out some other things we did in previous posts.  

We learned some of The Mexican Hat Dance. Smashed Cascarones. We tried Blue Corn Chips and Salsa Verde along with Tacos for lunch. Lots of happy memories made.

 I had seen Cascarones on Pinterest and wanted to share them with the kids but knew I had no time to make them. Last weekend I was attending a party and learned they had them at Walgreen's, so off to the store I went! 

Cascarones are confetti filled eggs (yes they are real eggs), that are a part of Mexican Easter celebrations. They are very colorful and were perfect for reviewing our colors in Spanish but mostly just wonderfully messy wild fun.

First our own heads!

Then our friends!

These two even held hands.

Even after three dozen eggs they were not done. They spent a good deal of time scraping the pieces of the floor and throwing them into the air.

They had confetti in their hair the rest of the day and smiles on their faces. :-)

Taco Casserole, Blue Tortilla Chips, Salsa Verde, Corn, Avocado

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