Monday, March 10, 2014


For the month of March we are focusing on Mexico and the Spanish language. 

During last week's drama day the theme agreed upon was travel and airplanes. The purpose of drama day is for the group to make a plan together. The teacher is not usually involved once the plan has been made. The preschoolers usually stay engaged with their game/scenario for about 45-60 minutes. 

The pilot hard at work.
(By the way, I was told this airplane is so big that it has a kitchen)

Drawing a map of the route.

Packing bags.

Did you know there are treasure collecting cowboys in Mexico?

Eating lunch during the flight.

Studying the map.

We also received three postcards from a new friend named José last week. He told us that he was traveling to our preschool from Mexico to teach us some Spanish. 

He gave us a few hints about himself. He said that he was shy and sometimes curls up into a ball....  

In his postcards he taught us to say "Hola, adios and amigos," which means hello, goodbye and friends.

Our postcards

When he arrived on Friday, some of us were very surprised to find out that José was actually an armadillo!

We all introduced ourselves with some Spanish. José is very shy and will only whisper in the teachers ears. He taught us to say "Me llamo (insert name)," which is another way to introduce yourself in Spanish. 

We also learned to ask "How are you?" or "Como estas?"

José told the children he was very tired from his long journey and one child suggested that he needed a bed.

José sleeping off his jet lag.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring Mexican culture. We will be learning Spanish words for food, colors, clothes and general conversion words. Towards the end of the month we will "travel" to Mexico to return José to his home.

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