Saturday, May 31, 2014

Circles, Spots and Polka Dots 2014: Art Show

To kick off our summer, families were invited to join their preschoolers for an evening Art Show. Everyone was encouraged to wear Circles, Spots or Polka Dots. They were also invited to contribute a circle-themed dish to our food table. It is exciting to see all the creativity put into finding circles to wear and eat.

The preschoolers enjoyed showing off their artwork and searching around the room for their "Featured Artist Balloons." 

There was a sensory table full of water beads that attracted quite a crowd (and a few grapes). 

In the block area attendees found ramps and ballpit balls along with a photo slideshow of the children's art process

Thank you to all the children and their families for making this event so memorable!

Here is the link to the 
Circle, Spots and Polka Dots 2013 Art Show

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  1. Looks like you had great fun! Love how you have the artwork hanging in a big ring. Love all the Facebook pics that go with this too ;-)
    Rachel (",)