Saturday, May 24, 2014

Snail Races

On Friday, while playing in the rain, the children discovered a bunch of snails (and slugs). They had all collected a few and were carrying them around.

For the sake of the snails, I suggested collecting them all in one place and watching them race.

Child: "But snails are slow."
Me: "But one of them surely has to be faster than the rest."

Everytime I watch the video I'm amazed at how much language, social interaction, investigation, and discovery took place. 

If all these kids tried to sit this close together during storytime there would be pushing and complaining, but not around this stump.


  1. This reminds me of how I used to collect slugs from the woods when I was a kid. Now my girls do the same thing! Some joys of childhood must be universal. Great pictures!

  2. Love the video, Jessica. My class are big fans of snails too & love finding them on rainy days. Thanks for your support, as always xx

  3. Snail races are THE best fun! Love 'em. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your next post :-)