Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tinkering Camp 2014

We started off the week (July 14-18) with just a bunch of "junk." The children enjoyed dumping it out, scavenging around and... well... tinkering. 

A pirate ship complete with ladder and cannons

Lock-picking 101?

On Tuesday (July 15), we created "controllers." First we brainstormed all the things at home that have controllers: toys, tv, dvd player, mom's car, fans, and more. They even came up with some things that I hadn't thought of. 

Then we thought about some things we wished we had controllers for: dogs, weather, anything we wanted to appear and baking.  They were then able to use collage materials and boxes to create their own controllers. 

Some of the finished products. 

For the last days of Tinkering Camp we worked together to create an imaginary robot.

Using a real hot glue gun was part of the appeal of this activity.

Most tinkering projects require you to return to them over and over again. It seems that will be the case with our robot. His limbs keep falling off and we have yet to give him a face, but "we'll get to it."

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