Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finding our rhythm.

I cannot believe the month of September is over already.

I have been feeling so guilty lately that I haven't had more time, energy or inspiration for many blog posts. 
The truth is we are so busy... All. Day. Long!  If I even remember to pick up my camera during the day, there is certainly not enough energy later to pull my laptop out of the case.

It has officially been a month since many of our new friends started. We have a new teacher, a new intern and whole bunch of new friends. We have gone from being a classroom of 8 children to a classroom of 12 children. We had so many big kids leave for kindergarten this year and many new little friends start.  After a month of hustle and bustle I feel like we are finally starting to find our rhythm. 

Everyday drop-offs get easier. 
Tears are less and giggles are more. 
A beautiful thing is happening. 
We are becoming a community. :)

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