Saturday, September 5, 2015

Joining Hands As Professionals

My visit at Leikskollin Stekkjaras during Play Iceland.

Over the last four years, I have learned a tremendous amount about the wide variety of things happening in Child Care and Preschool across the globe.  I owe a lot of credit to Facebook, Pinterest, and reading blogs that I have discovered through both.  I have connected with some very inspiring people. I have also learned that NOTHING compares to meeting other professionals face to face and exploring other settings in person. 

Tom and I during the visit to Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland.

Tom Shea, who is the owner of Child First Day Nurseries in the UK, contacted me in January about hosting a small Team of his staff in Maine for a closer look at best practices happening here in the United States. 

After reviewing many creative and thorough bids from many of his staff, five people were selected to create Team Maine.  They have had several meetings in person to work together and have also met with me through Skype. 

At the end of September they will spend 10 days in Maine investigating, observing, exploring, and taking notes at a dozen different settings in both urban and rural areas. 

The focus is to observe, interact and to be inspired by the providers, environments and the children themselves.

The journey doesn't end there. We will spend a whole Saturday with a group of about 25 preschool teachers and daycare providers reflecting, sharing, and discussing similarities and differences in all our settings both near and far. 

Me presenting at Play Iceland 2014

When they return to the UK they are expected to present to additional staff (and outward) regarding the ideas and observations they have gathered during their time in the US.

We can communicate across the world, but linking is more than just Facebook - we want to challenge and encourage - we want to visit and revisit - we want to remove the hurdles the best we can. Child development is far too important and where there is great practice we should be proud to share it." -Tom Shea

A bit more about Tom Shea...

Tom has been working in Early Childhood for over 40 years and is very passionate about PLAY and joining hands around the world to create a united front of advocates who care about healthy children's development.
Beyond his Nurseries, Tom is also involved in many other projects that are aimed at improving childhood. Fafu. Play Iceland. The Factory Where We Can Build Anything. And now it appears possibly... Play International?

We keep bumping into people who have the imagination and drive – we encourage some, support some, enthuse with some and grow stronger for the doing.... -Tom Shea

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  1. Jessica - you are a rising star - it is my ambition and hope that all of us who really do embrace the best practice for developing children can go from the disjointed snow flakes we currently are, and close to becoming a snowball, can grow closer together and become an avalanche.

    WE KNOW WHO WE ARE we know what is important for Brains developing in the right way, the appropriate way. Together we can offer the best to our children and influence and change those who 'teach'. I want my grandchildren to change the world... to stop wars, to share and care, to save the planet, to love and care and respect...... Every journey starts with a first step - but together we have already reached the top of the hill - now onto the mountain! Love Tom x