Tuesday, October 13, 2015

International Fairy Tea Party 2015

This was our third year participating in the International Fairy Tea Party. Every year looks different from the last. This year was a very hot day and eating outside comfortably was not an option. 

We started the day by decorating a fairy house with sparkles, which can be seen here.

We shared a fairy book down in the woods, before we came up to our classroom.

I told the children that I had seen some flutters and flitters up by the school and suggested that maybe the fairies had arrived to see the new house they had created. 

When we arrived inside the school, we couldn't find any fairies, but we did find a wonderfully decorated lunch the fairies had left behind for us to say thank you. 

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  1. Hey!! This fairy tea party is seriously awesome. Loved everything that is arranged and now planning to have some ideas from here for my party too. That will be held at one of NYC venues. Will take few ideas from here for my party as I really liked this party.