Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wolves and Pigs

The Little Pigs (and a lurking wolf in the pink hood)
The Little Wolves

The Little Pigs would not let the wolves in to play.  We even said please but they wouldn't listen, they thought we wanted to eat them.  We tried to explain that we brought PB&J to share...
Finally The Little Pigs agreed to meet The Wolves outside at the picnic table for a picnic.  The food was imaginary, but what a feast they had.  PB&J with Shaker cheese (this is what wolves eat) and the pigs brought "slop cream cones" to share with everyone.  Yummmm.

An obstacle course we built.

The Wobbly Bridge.

You might notice in the background that they have begun cutting all our neighbors trees down.  It is quite exciting to watch,  but quite sad to think about.  They are doing this as part of the preparations for the major reconstruction of our road taking place this summer!  Look for trees along your way that have the orange markers, they are all getting cut down. :(

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