Friday, October 21, 2011

An Apple a Day

Here are pictures of some of the activities we did this week. We also read a lot of apple books and sang some apple songs. We read a book today about Johnny Appleseed and how he planted beautiful apple trees all across the land!  Our favorite apple songs was:

Who ate the apple from the apple tree?

____________ at the apple from the apple tree.
Who me?
Yes You?
Couldn't Be.
Then Who?
(new kid)
Did that sound familiar? :) Lots of songs at preschool are just new versions of other songs.

The pictures are in a very random order and on Friday night I lack the attention span to fix them. Here they are!

Adding oats to the apple crisp
You know apples are ripe when you can cut them with a plastic knife

Mixing (don't worry we washed our hands before)
Stamping on Apple Trees

Every tree is a little different. 
Decorating Apples

All sorts of apples (and pears)
The serious business of baking
Its impossible to take a picture around here without someone wanting to smile for the camera!
Our October pattern is Apple Apple Pear, Apple Apple Pear
Have a great weekend. 

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