Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using our OWN imaginations!

After a lot of debate and teacher discussion we have decided to create a new rule at Inch By Inch. We are now encouraging the children to use their own imaginations to come up with their own characters and play scenarios, instead of reinacting those that they have seen on television, movies or video games. This means no more of the recently popular Super Mario and Power Rangers, but also eliminates Care Bears and any other movie or show.  There has been a lot of play going on that involves weapons, hurting, but mostly leaving kids out (because they are bad guys).

We have explained to the children that these are somebody elses ideas and stories and they should create their own characters and stories.  I was a little nervous how they would react to this new rule.  Would they not know what to do with themselves? Would they get sneaky and only play these games when they thought we were not looking? 

I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Suddenly the "bad guys" were all gone  from the playground. It was like someone zapped them away with super powers! The kids were all playing together, being friendly, using their imaginations. I had my preschoolers back! 

Stay tuned for next months superhero theme! They are very into superheroes right now!

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