Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friends Can...Build Together

Today we practiced building together. We focused on using the phrase, "WE are building a ____." and asking each other what "WE" were going to building TOGETHER.  Everyone was assigned to a partner that was not a usual playmate.  The partners moved through three different sets of blocks together. 

Some of the positive outcomes for today's activity:

  1. They were encouraged to play with someone they were less used to.
  2. They were exploring materials that they may not normally choose.
  3. Working together and helping each other.
  4. Communication to make decisions and problem solve.


They started off both building the same thing, separately.

I gave these two a mat to build on which made their working space smaller,
which resulted in more cooperation and language. They had an audience.

These two chanted at every station they went too,
"WE are buiding a tower, we are building a tower."


I did not suggest that they build on the table.
Thought it was interesting that they did.

These two continued the work of the other two. 

They had their own plan.


Another example of a small building space to encourage
working together.

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