Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Into the Woods and Crocodile River

As you probably already know, we have been playing and working on our new Playscape. I am going to attempt to call it this, because it will not be a traditional playground. Although we may include a swingset or climber, most of the equipment and materials in this space will be more nature based.  I am hoping as it develops a little further and the children feel more ownership of the space, that they will help me pick the perfect name for our place of adventure. 


This weekend my husband was able to spend some time cutting down a few trees and clearing out some brush. We have a lot more work to do, but on Tuesday we made our first voyage down into the "woods"! (There is a house and yard just on the other side of these trees, but it feels like a forest to them)

We left this tree stump
attached to the ground.
 Not sure yet what its purpose will be.
 Potentially a table or seat. 

Unfortunately this small area may eventually be on
 the wrong side of the fence.

Moss is so magical. 


This is how the river usually looks! 
This is how it looks after a heavy rain!

"Look at this walking stick"

After a trip into the woods.

Probably seemed like a good idea....

Not sure.

It started out as a Trout and the next thing you know its a SHARK!!!

His fishing pole is stripped piece of cedar bark. So cool!


  1. Jessica, this is amazing, keep the posts coming as it develops! Love the shark/crocodile river - lucky, lucky you! Kierna

  2. This is truly magnificent!!! I will admit, I am envious of your playscape but I am so happy for you and your children. Great joy to be had here.

  3. What a fabulous place to play! Lucky kids!!