Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali

Although nobody in our current preschool community celebrates Diwali (the Hindu New Year and Festival of Lights), I decided this might be a great way to expand our knowledge of the diversity that can be found in a community.  It was a very "tip of the iceberg" approach, but the children seemed sincerely interested. If any of my information is incorrect, I apologize and please feel free to leave a comment. :)

At circle time, we were looking at the map of our imaginary town. I told the children that a new family had moved into "our town." This family was from India and celebrated a holiday called Diwali (pronounced Devali). I told them that I would like to make them cards for their special holiday and to welcome them to our community. We talked about how different families everywhere celebrate different things. One child added that some families don't celebrate at all. I explained that this holiday was about the goodness inside people.  The love and kindness that is like a little light glowing inside you (A very condensed version of good overcomes evil).

We then sang along with Raffi's version of This Little Light of Mine

We made cards with Diyas on them.

Image from http://www.peacetreeday.com/

Lights and sparkles are a major part of the celebration.

Our Diya cards.
Candlelight Lunch

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